RYE & LYE is a brand with dual personalities that narrates itself through fascinating storytelling. The encounter between two spirits, akin but separate – like opposites that attract – that, in their daily convergence, mix dreams and passions, ideas and intuitions– why not – anxieties and fears; yin and yang, two sides of the same coin that know how to interpret life’s challenges in different yet complementary manners. They are Rye&Lye Rye is the visionary spirit, contemporary, avant-garde, tech nerd, super connected, extremely knowledgeable, loves linear, minimalist design. Lye is the spokesperson and interpreter of a more mature generation, art connoisseur, curious traveler, tireless reader, sophisticated movie-goer, boundless source of anecdotes and information, generously shared. The Rye&Lye brand is the perfect union of these two spirits produces, a marriage of inspirations and ambitions that, over the years and various collections, has established itself as a benchmark in eyewear style, capturing the essence of cutting-edge beauty in all its many facets.

Often, the creative process starts with a spark, fleeting flashes of creativity. Our eyewear, which exude a high degree of stylistic refinement, are the embodiment of tailor-made tradition.

Today’s innovative ideas grow out of inspirations that are grounded in the past and reinterpreted, breathing new life into them, rewriting them in a more contemporary and accessible language. The hand-made concept grows out of the expertise passed down from one generation to the next that, still today, makes it possible to create unique products where the difference lies in the details.