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A design synthesis between past and the future in
which design, excellence and Italian style come together
to create a new way of seeing, interpreting
and creating design objects.

Creativity is never a linear process, it thrives on influences, inspiration, moments of life lived and of dreams. Only the interaction among these elements can breathe life into something new, breathtaking and unexpected. We are not simply a company; we are a hub of creativity. Our designs grow out of an idea, develop like an emotion and appear like a phantom. We are a whirlwind of energy that ignites the flame of wonder. Every day we wake up ready to leave our mark, pursuing our values and our mission to create beauty and transform creative work into magic. We are ready to amaze, to thrill and to make a difference. We make eyewear but, really, we are communicating emotions. We are committed to creating the extraordinary, something that is deeply touching and leaves an indelible mark on the heart of anyone who comes into contact with our work.