Our thought

Ideas come from a perception of reality. Our mood is reflected in our daily environment. Luminosity, creativity and motion make us feel alive.
Sharing ideas is a never-ending growing process, where thoughts can and must be different, because being different means growing. Sharing opinions and values is something critical for all of us. Irony, unconventionality, outrageousness, intelligence and integrity: these are the things that make all the difference in our work.
“I see life as something that is forever changing to satisfy my insatiable curiosity. The fact that I don’t know myself and don’t know enough never surprises me. Experience is a fact of life, but today’s challenge is tomorrow, being able to ride the waves before the others.”

 Tiziano Tabacchi

“I am convinced that there is always room for improvement, this is something that pervades our lives. Our values spur ongoing research into eyewear that filter down to communications and the lifestyles of our consumers. Our intention is to grow while maintaining our identity, which means holding on tight to the values that we have always been recognized for and that drive our success.”

 Susi Tabacchi